Friday, November 1, 2013

This place

This place is a beginning that starts in the middle.

I have art to share, in its torn mess, and spilled glory.

I have wounds transformed, and gray hair standing proud.

I have my shed skin tacked to the wall as remembrance.

I have wine labels collected and red drips of pain shared.

I have death honored in my memory and resurrection in my veins.

I have community and church and kindred friendships.

I have learned to let people be where they are,

 and to be un-self-conscious when they question where I am.

I have one foot in the divine now, and the other in a mountain of laundry.

Most of all, I have a desire to share, to connect, and to be in dialogue about the things that matter most, the things that I love, and the things that I wonder.

I hope you will join me.  


  1. I will be joining you - I love to read what you write and to see your artistic soul :-)

    1. Mary, you are one of those people I love to connect with. You are such a gift. Thanks for coming along. <3

  2. oh oh oh. i am so freaking excited to be blessed to be in this space, sitting with you in this circle. your words give me chills. <3

    1. Your encouragement is breath for these words...

  3. I'm so glad I checked Instagram today...

  4. Honored to be here with you, Braveheart. <3