Monday, November 4, 2013


"Remember that resurrection is not woundedness
denied, forgotten, or even totally healed.  It is always
woundedness transformed.  You still carry your scars
forever, as both message and trophy...
Pain transformed is no longer pain transmitted."
Immortal Diamond, Richard Rohr

What if resurrection is not a one-time event?

What if we are born and born and born, over and over, layers of dead skin peeling away with each painful interaction with the rough bark of life?

What if Jesus appears to us on our own Damascus road, as we hash out the spiritual details with each other, questioning and thrashing through the deaths of what we thought was the Real?

What if He both blinds us and reveals Himself to us in equal measure, in His divinity and humanity, with dusty feet and blessed wounds mysteriously illuminating the path we walk?

What if risen is a present tense verb He means for us to act out between resurrection births?  Christ has died, yes, but Christ is risen.  Now. Always. In the fully human and fully eternal interactions of our days.

What if a faith that never changes, that never dies and is never reborn as some alchemical wonder, 
is in fact a dead faith in the saddest of ways?

What if I am not responsible for your faith, and you are not responsible for mine?  What if God is both more capable than we ever believed, and more intimate than we ever dreamed?

What if I told you that I am new, my faith is new, and I have never been more blessedly sure of my uncertainty than in this moment?

What if?  What if spiritual birth and resurrection are as perpetual and mysterious as the sunrise?

This space is a resurrection space.

Wounds are welcome here.  You are welcome here.
May we handle each other with grace.

Chiaroscuro is an artistic term meaning "light/dark".  In this month of November I am exploring the light and dark of life, of myself, on Instagram.  You can join me by following my feed.  


  1. ... these words, like breath for me this morning:

    "What if a faith that never changes, that never dies and is never reborn as some alchemical wonder,
    is in fact a dead faith in the saddest of ways?"

  2. 'It is always woundedness transformed'.... Ah, yes. THIS. Always this.... and yet i so often forget the transformation that has already happened, am impatient with the current transformation...

    love your heart, dear friend, and some day {hopefully sooner than later} we will have these conversations in real life, uninhibited by our shared introversion this time. :) xoxox

    you have a beautiful blog here, friend. well done.

  3. I'm loving that you are sharing your words here....I've always enjoyed your imagery, so I'm looking forward to this "resurrected" endeavor of yours <3