Monday, January 6, 2014

Auld lang syne {times long past}

2014 and I have this thing.

It was about this time last year that I decided to make 2013 a cocooning year.  I needed to heal- emotionally, spiritually- and I didn't think it was the time to add goals and resolutions to an already raw mind and spirit.  I needed to rest, to lower expectations in every part of my life- leadership, service, homeschooling, activities, and even my faith.  I needed to fight my way out of depression and anxiety by releasing the outer self I had relied upon for so long, and letting the grace God had planted within me see the light of day.

And now it's time to reboot.

I haven't been this excited about a new year's arrival in a long time.  I've always been one to set resolutions, and though they didn't always stick, I never found myself discouraged in the aftermath.  It's almost as if the simple fact of "beginning" gave me joy and inspiration.

While last year was a chapter of quiet, this year I'm jumping back into my own story.

Perhaps I'm even starting a new one.

I have always been a planner, loving the fresh new January page of the calendar, a newly opened composition book ready for my rambling thoughts, or an art journal that requires the binding to be broken before it accepts its first swipe of paint.  I love the accountability of a treasured companion walking beside me, or a community to create and inspire.  I love being inspired by other artist-planners as they create and dream and set intentions for their year.

And quite simply, I love feeling alive again.

My 2014 goals:

~run another half marathon
~begin a yoga practice
~learn and practice a life of contemplative prayer
~enjoy a life in the now
~open an Etsy shop
~learn to knit
~treat my body like the beautiful thing it is {healthy living}
~write more handwritten letters
~keep a regular creative practice
~serve, lead, live in the presence and love of the Holy Spirit

I'd love to know your intentions.  How will you make this year something worth remembering?