Monday, March 24, 2014

Art Journey through Lent {seeking Jesus}

John 6 continues with the ghostly figure of Jesus walking on the water.  "It is I; do not be afraid." The people in the crowd still follow, finding Jesus across the sea, seeking the one who filled their bellies with divine abundance.  But they don't understand.  He is the bread.  He is the living water.  He speaks offensively of his flesh and blood being sustenance.  Many leave, and don't return.  

But the twelve stay.  "Where would we go?" they ask, "For you have the words of eternal life."

So many words.  I wanted to add them all, to not let any of the phrases that spoke to me slip from my fingers.  I used mod podge to adhere two vintage dictionary pages {the ones with the words "rough" and "sea"}, one on each side of the spread, and began writing.

I used every available space on the page, turned the journal 90* and wrote again and again.  "Seeking, believe, bread, manna, eternal life, seal, it is I..."

I added sketches where they wanted to be, drew simple frames, scribbled.  This is not an exact method and I love it that way.

The water.  The wine.  Reminders of Cana.

{Red and blue seem to be the colors for this project so far- bold and symbolic.}

I will revisit this page.  I feel like I might even add words eventually.  Such life!


Focus on the words today.  Finish John 6, read and reflect.  On a background of your choice and creation, use different lettering styles, print out different fonts, write small and then wrote big, messy and neat, cursive and print.  Don't stop writing.  Tie in something from a previous chapter, write a prayer, or a gratitude list; add little sketches or spots of color.  Worship on this page.

Jesus, I breathe in your grace.  Tune my ears and heart to recognize your words of life in my everyday.  Sustain me, remind me, open me, lead me; clarify your call on my life to do your will.  Amen.

{Wednesday I will share links and photos from this Lenten art community.  If you have posted, please leave a link in the comments.  Share on Instagram with the hash tag #lentenartjourney14}

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