Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Art Journaling through Lent {the power of creating}

I have nothing today for this series.  Since I've been home from that retreat in the boonies, I have been loving on my kids, sharing with my husband and trying to fully relive and understand all that happened around those tables.

I thought I was going because Kris asked me to lead a small session on art journaling.  I thought the art would be a condiment on the main dish of that retreat, and that I would lead a bit and then step aside in quiet and solitude {which is my usual modus operandi}.

But art is powerful.  And the Lord used it to open up His gates and flood the room with grace.  Over and over.  The majority of us continued to create, to let the Holy Spirit move through color and image, throughout the weekend.  The Lord moved things over so we could hear him and respond to him with our hands.

"Art is veiled– couched in clues and symbols, a shadow that touches reality, that gives us a glimpse of the indescribable, that invites us farther up and farther in.  It will not always show all of itself or the whole truth at one viewing, nor will it preach a four-point sermon.  But if we are willing to give it our attention, art will begin to open our inner eyes."  ~Luci Shaw, Breath for the Bones

There is something fashionable in the online world about being "broken."  Posts that reveal flaws in mothering and homeschooling and marriage and our past get a lot of comments and shares, and make those who are reading feel normal.  But if we are not being broken in real life, face to face with those who share the air we breathe and not just the world wide web, then we are missing out.  And we are not giving or receiving the blessings that God intended.

This past weekend was full of heart to heart and face to face sharing.  Much of that was initiated by the color, words, and raw images that we chose to use on our art journal pages.  I know the power art has in the hands of God in my life, but I saw firsthand that the same God can display the same power for nearly everyone.

As I get back to John in my journal, the images of sheep and shepherd, door and pasture, Lazarus, Mary and Martha call to me, and I will create when there's time.  I want to use this practice and this series in devotion to God, not allowing the practice to use me instead.  Having never gone through a book of scripture with art, this has been beautiful and eye opening and I long to continue.  Hopefully you will continue to join me as the Lord leads.


  1. I am so grateful for your willingness to be a door-holder for us, and for the grace that poured out on us because of that. I am so thankful to call you friend.

    1. I treasure the time we got to spend together. You are a kindred spirit. <3