Monday, October 20, 2014

An Online Gluebook Party!

What is a gluebook, you ask?

A gluebook is a place to collect collage– the scraps and pieces of your life, your day, your vision.  It can include many things, but the must haves are few: a glue stick and collage materials.  It is by definition quick and intuitive, and it is a wonderful way to grab a few less-messy-but-still-nourishingly-creative moments.

So I thought I'd throw a virtual party!

My creative time is like that of most moms I know: cramped, rushed, and fleeting.  I snag moments when I can, and where I can, and don't have much time for heavy duty paint flinging.  But I love sharing in community on those nights when I can get the kids to bed early and sneak down to clip and adhere the things that call to me from my pile of papers and ephemera.  And I'd love you to join me!

When and where?

On the first Saturday of each month, from 8-10 pm, I invite you all to a party on Instagram.  I will post photos as I create, a video or two, and would love for you to post and share yours too.  Use the hashtag #{insertmonthhere}gluebookparty to tag your photos and comment often on others' contributions!  I will have a couple of giveaways each month for those who post, and some of fun and thoughtful prompts to get the creative juices flowing.  

What do I need to bring?

  • Some kind of journal or sketchpad.  I'm simply using a graph paper composition notebook, and I love it!  The pages are thin, but we're not using paint or mod podge anyway, so it doesn't matter.
  • a glue stick (I use Scotch brand and love them!)
  • various magazines, old books, and scrapbook paper
  • pens (these pentel energel pens are my favorite), sketch markers, watercolor crayons, and/or colored pencils (optional)
  • washi tape (optional)
  • other trinkets: buttons, brads, paper clips, etc. (optional)

So what are you waiting for?

Put this recurring date on the calendar!  Tell your friends!  Grab the button on my sidebar!  I'd love to make this a nourishing event for all of us.

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