Monday, October 27, 2014


"If we have never been strangers, 

then that is because we have never left home." 

 ~Barbara Brown Taylor

I am a traveler.  I am an absorber.  I am an explorer and a stranger who aches to belong.

It all began in high school when I journeyed to Poland with my youth orchestra during the Solidarity movement.  My fascination with "the other" was kindled as I experienced new sights and smells.  But it was still an outsider relationship.  I observed, but didn't relate.

Fast forward a few years to my college sophomore year.  I spent five weeks living with an Austrian family and attending a vocal program in Salzburg.  We didn't speak English in their home– they didn't speak it at all– and I stumbled my way through communication upon waking, eating, and biking around the city.  Mistakes were made and forgiven, grammar was butchered, and relationships were formed.  My heart and my mind expanded to include more than only my small self experience.  I felt a belonging in that foreign land that I never forgot.

By the time I left, I was dreaming in German, and when I returned to the states certain English words eluded me in favor of German ones.  I felt less a stranger, and more a friend.  Leaving left me lonely.

I have traveled to more places than anyone in my family of origin: Argentina, Brazil, Iceland, Norway, Hawaii, Maine, Germany.  The more I travel, the more I itch to go.  The more I experience, the more my status quo withers in comparison to the unknown.  So much so that I have fantasized about pulling out my roots and rolling them into a suitcase.  I have nomadic tendencies and I fully embrace that reality.  I am simply biding my time.

Impermanence suits me.  I don't favor things.  I would rather an open sky above me and a blanket wrapped around me than a big house and fancy trappings.  This restlessness has increased in recent years and my metaphorical pushpins in the map of my mind grow ever more vast and numerous.

So for now I clip and glue and dream.  I chronicle my travel-itch and make memories with color and paper until I can make them in life.  I am a homebody, but home can be anywhere.

I wait.  

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