Friday, January 30, 2015

Freebie Friday- vintage illustrations for you

Yay for free stuff!!

I just love searching for vintage books and photos to use in my journals.  This coming weekend my husband is taking me to our little cabin in the woods, which just happens to be nearby a big antique mall and I'm so excited to browse for a few hours!  I'm thinking I'll be putting together a little video to share, seek-and-find style, as I page through papers and books.  Unfortunately I won't be able to convey the wonderful smell of vintage book pages through a video.  {so sad, I know}

Anyway, I'm including a few more images from the book "Bird Stories, and Other Stories" from the early 1900's because they are just so beautiful.  As always, I'm pretty sure these are copyright free, but if you use them in a piece for sale, you'll need to double check for yourself in all the proper channels.  

Next week I'll dip into my vintage workbook stash!


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