Thursday, January 22, 2015

Guest Post- Melissa Shanhun of Digital Scrapbooking HQ

I'm thrilled to introduce you to Melissa, who is the author of Photo Editing for Absolute Beginners, another course included in the Ultimate DIY Bundle.  The bundle is only on sale until Monday, so be sure to check it out and don't miss out on the deal!

Experts say the average person takes 150 photos a year.  Really?  I think that's an understatement.
Each day we are adding to the collections on our phones, cameras and tablets.  It can get a little overwhelming... BUT there's a way to keep all your photos safe and secure and easy to browse.

Photoshop Elements! Photoshop Elements is a program from Adobe that is available for both Mac and PC and it will make your life easier. (I promise!)

You can use Photoshop Elements to easily import and edit photos from your camera or phone, or tablet, or even a handy dandy negative/slide scanner.

But, first things first, how do you even get the photos into Photoshop Elements?
In today's video tutorial I'll step you through the process of pulling all the photos off a camera or other device and storing them safely on your computer. Plus I sneak in a quick little edit too!

If you enjoyed this tutorial, you'll love Photo Editing for Absolute Beginners. This video course answers the most common questions that new Photoshop Elements users ask about cropping, printing and editing photos. Straight to the point, using the simplest method that will get you in and out of Photoshop Elements in a couple of minutes.

Photo Editing for Absolute Beginners is just one of the 76 ebooks and ecourses in The Ultimate DIY Bundle. Don't miss it!

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Gíday, I'm Melissa, Aussie mum, digital scrapbooker, professional organizer and teacher. I love pairing photos with memories of meaningful moments in my everyday life.

Here in Perth, I spend my everyday life with my husband, Phill, and our three little ones: Emily, Edward and Lucy. Digital scrapbooking helps me tell the stories in our life. I love the versatility of digi scrapping. I can go simple, using phone photos and a line of journaling. Or, I can spend time in Photoshop Elements embellishing layouts with digital paint, flowers and bling.

At Digital Scrapbooking HQ, I would love to introduce you to the joy of scrapbooking with your computer. I've been teaching and working with Adobe Photoshop Elements for many years, and my former career in education gives me the unique blend of skills needed to teach the technology skills, without the stress and fuss.

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