Friday, February 13, 2015

Freebie Friday- handwritten elements

It seems I completely forgot to post up some images last week!  I'll blame it on the surprise trip my husband planned for the two of us as an early Valentine's present.  He's just the sweetest!

This week I chose a few images with handwritten elements.  I love love love finding books that have been written in, either by adults or children.  The first two images are from a 1943 blood bank ledger. I love searching for old ledgers at antique stores, but I rarely find any at a price I like.  This one is my favorite.  Look at that handwriting!  Beautiful.  {Right click and save to your computer.}

I found a small Physics research and experiment lab book from 1909 and there are a number of charts and notes included.  I'm just fascinated by the difference in writing and the "in process" look of this entry and the others like it.

Then there are children's workbooks.  I have a soft place in my heart for the little scribbles and messy letters and numbers in these colorful books.  This one is from 1962, so it is not in the public domain and can only be used in your personal art.  

John David has my heart.  Look at that signature!

As always, use in your art with the knowledge that if you are planning to sell the derivative work that you create, you need to research the selections before putting it up for sale.  Enjoy!

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