Monday, March 2, 2015

Freebie Friday– agriculture edition #1

OK, so it's not technically Friday– I'm a few days away on either end– but I wanted to get one more set of freebies in before our family's BIG TRIP beginning next Monday.  My husband and I will be driving our four kiddos around the country in a big ol' RV we've nicknamed Napoleon.

For two months.

Yup.  Awesome and panic-inducing in equal measure.  

So I will be suspending Freebie Fridays for the time we are away and will start back up in May.  Unfortunately, my scanner also chose last week to go on the fritz so my final hoorah kind of fell flat.  Oh well!

Today's free illustrations come from the 1913 textbook "Sixty Lessons in Agriculture".  I don't know about you, but anything agrarian or botanical brings to mind the spiritual life in all of its beautiful metaphor.  Tilling the soil.  Pruning.  Growth.  The bare branches of winter.

Here are four simple images to start with and in May I'll continue with this same book and theme.

{I love these roots!}


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