Saturday, May 16, 2015

Freebie Friday– agricultural edition #2

So it's Freebie SATURDAY.  But better late than never!  My scanner and my computer aren't getting along these days, so I had to use my hubby's computer.  Technology, for all its benefits, can be quite frustrating, can it not?

Anyway, today I have a few more plant/growth images to share.  Many times I use these types of pieces as background with just a little of the image peeking through.  I like layers of imagery and meaning in my collages, so that I connect with them as I'm creating, and there's a secret message in there for the viewer.  

So the themes of harvest, and pruning, and roots, and grafting are on the docket today!  These are from the 1913 book, "Sixty Lessons in Agriculture." I just love the flaws and yellowing of the paper, don't you?  Enjoy!