Monday, July 20, 2015


 you are.
is not
 you are.

~nayyirah waheed

John Lennon sang about it.  This temptation to identify with a space within a border, a separating instead of a uniting.  John Muir, as his spirit expanded to include all of the places he had been, changed his address, zooming out and claiming "earth, universe" as his only home.  In his letters Paul proclaimed that in Christ we have no more divisions between Jew and Greek, male and female, slave and free.

And still we divide.  Still we choose sides.  Still we find identity in a "where" to the detriment of our relationships with our neighbors near and far.

In all of my travels this year, the most important take-away for me is the connection to a greater whole, this expanse of beautiful humanity.  I do not want my identity to be wrapped up in my small place on this planet, crafting a God that fits here rather than a God that is already everywhere and isn't bound by any earthly citizenship.

Loving the place I find myself?  Yes.

But doing so from a zoomed out perspective, seeing each place and each person as part of something much wider and bigger.  I'll plant myself here instead, in this Kingdom of God which is already within and around and above and beside.