About Christine

"All any man can hope to do is to add his fragment to the whole." ~R. Henri

You will find here:

fragments of faith,
art, and creativity.

I am a mom, wife, homeschooler,
artist, deep thinker, 
writer, chocoholic, 
and coffee connoisseur.
I am a believer in miracles, 
the Creator of the universe,
and grace.


Much of the art you'll find here is for sale in one form or another.  
Please contact me at barebranchblooming@columbus.rr.com if interested.

For information about other products I share, see my disclosure page.


  1. How to I connect to the prompts for your monthly gluebook party on instagram?
    Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Cathy! You will need to have an Instagram account and follow me @barebranchblooming. Then I will begin posting reminders about the upcoming bluebook party about a week before. While the party is going on, I will post prompts and giveaways on my account, and to see everyone else's posts you will follow the tag for the specific party. The next one will be the first Saturday in November and the tag will be #novgluebookparty15. Hope to see you there!!

  2. You look interesting person, I would love to read more articles from you and hope that they will be really good to read out. Thank you for sharing details about yourself with us